Side Hustle Salt is the brainchild of local Philadelphia musician, Uncle T. She whipped up two powerhouse seasonings in 2019 and has since sold thousands of jars. Uncle T is an outside of the box artist who started a business to fund her musical projects, but it led to so much more. 

Uncle T grew up in Minneapolis, MN and moved out to Philly in 2021. Her career began as a hip hop artist but has evolved over time into many genres. 

When she isn't slanging salt or playing music, Uncle T is a program manager of a housing program for Philadelphia's chronic homeless population. Uncle T has over a decade of experience working with this community. 

As you can see, Uncle T stays pretty busy! She has big dreams of one day opening up a hybrid factory/studio where seasoning salt is produced and hits are made from a professional music studio. 

Be on the lookout for new flavors of all kinds from Uncle T in the future. Thank you for reading this! We love you. 

You can find Uncle T's music on all streaming platforms.

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