Why is my salt clumping?
We don’t use any additives in our products so clumping can occur naturally. If you leave the cap open or off, this will be more likely to happen. Additionally, if the products are left in very humid temperatures clumping can also occur. That being said, we are always working on adjusting the recipe to make it clump as little as possible without adding any additional additives. If your salt does clump, the best way to fix it is to break it up with shaking it or poke at it with a utensil. If you have a salt that is too clumped, send Uncle T an email at tori@sidehustleasalt.com and I’d be happy to look into replacing it for you.
Are your products organic?
No, they are not. However we aim to buy our herbs and spices as locally as possible.
What should I use Side Hustle Salt on?
Great question! Fan favorites include popcorn, chicken, steak, eggs, veggies, bloody marys, avocado toast, and really almost anything you use table salt on. Side Hustle Salts are meant to be All Purpose Seasonings.
Do you sell in bulk or wholesale?
We do! Please contact tori@sidehustlesalt.com before ordering. Orders over $100 ship free.